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Somewhere in the way.

So the vacations are gone. Too early I would say, I didn’t have time enough to do everything I wanted to, like to read that old book or visit all the people I would like to.

We (me and super husby) enjoyed every second of those 2 weeks of vacation, we saw beautiful things and met nice people and talked a lot about our dreams and goals and favorite deserts ever. We laugh, oh yeah we did!

I noticed something rather strange while crossing the boarder US x CA, US officers are pretty much more mean, rude than the canadian ones. Seriously, I don’t know what is wrong with US officers but gosh they are annoying! It is like if they come talk to you already with a bias: there is something wrong and u have to prove me the contrary. Canadians on the other hand… “You are in Canada, is good” and that was pretty much it.

But those 2 weeks were not spend in the boarder! We visited so many cute places, we went biking and met nice farmers, beautiful cows and a lot of colors everywhere. Quebec is a beautiful place to discover. I think this trip made me realize how much I love this place and at the same time how awkward it is to be a foreigner sometimes, how weird it is to never belong.

I guess we never belong. To no one and to nowhere.

The trip to Boston were a little bit faster then we wanted, Irene was about to hit the town and the subway, buses, and maybe even the cabs were not working. Pretty hard to get around with no transportation! But Irene wasn’t as bad as people were predicting and Boston is safe and sound after all.

Back to Montreal where the sun shines and the temperature rises, it is not like fall is almost there… it feels like summer today and I better enjoy.



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