In time and Coco avant Chanel

So the new year started with a very bad cold that of course didn’t stopped me from watching some movies, it was actually one the few options I had since I was too weak to go out. And because I was weak and tired and it was after all time to relax and don’t think too much I decided to start with In Time, a movie written by Andrew Niccol who is the same guy that wrote The Truman Show (a great movie btw) and starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

So the story happens in a not so far future where people stop aging at 25 years old but are engineered to live one more year. Having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. Trying to not spoil the movie too much, the story is a very good parody to what happens right now in our contemporary society, it is indeed a very marxist movie, made simple.

Everything you buy is charged in minutes, minutes that you are actually taking out of your life as you are born with a watch that tells you how many minutes, hours, you have left. You work to gain more time to live but yet life costs are higher and higher. And this is not exactly what we do? We sell our time, our lives, in order to live, in order to buy. Of course this is not the best acting of Timberlake’s career but the movie is worth a shot, like my dear teacher used to say: the beauty of a movie depends on the eyes of its viewers!


Coco avant Chanel.

I didn’t like the movie, didn’t like the story line, and maybe it is because I don’t like Chanel. Talking to an old friend she was telling me how brave and feminist Coco was and I couldn’t disagree more. I mean, the lady was avant-garde for sure but to say that she was a great feminist is way too much, she didn’t fight for women’s rights, she wasn’t a very independent woman and on the top of all that she was a nazi spy! I mean, seriously? Making it short, I could have spent my time watching something else.


I am still in love with my readings, the list of desirable books are getting bigger and bigger. The good thing about finishing school is that you actually can spend more time reading what you really like. ( I have to enjoy this period of my life because school is coming back soon).



3 thoughts on “In time and Coco avant Chanel

  1. I didn’t enjoy In Time enough to even finish the film, I have never seen Coco Avant Chanel but now I have even less interest in seeing the film,
    What books are on your list?

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