To kill a mockingbird

Eu tenho uma vaga lembrança desse livro que eu li provavelmente quando tinha uns 10 anos. Tinha ficado triste com as injustiças do sistema judicial e de certa forma a cidadezinha e seus habitantes me fazia pensar um pouco sobre as pessoas ao meu redor. Um otimo livro.

A few weeks ago we learned that they are moving the whole department to Blatislava, which took some people by surprise, even myself, but for another and completely different reason. But it is indeed kind of weird to actually see how globalization really works… If Thompson was alive in nowadays I bet he would write a very interesting book about the disassociation of the whole with the individual, and how it reflects deeply in our lives and decisions. But hey! He may have done it already! Yes, when he was writing about the industrial revolution, few centuries ago. I kind of feel like saw this movie before…

Meanwhile in Brazil, where my family have more important worries than the globalization and its problems, my dad wonders when I will go visit him. And I know that in his mind this is gonna be the last time he is ever gonna see me again. Needless to say how much it hurts me to even think about this possibility. They say that we are always something to become, un devenir in french, and that this is what defines us.


My luckiness is that I have great friend. People I really love. Love, in the end might as well be what defines us.



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