the show must go on

I am always amazed by how extraordinary some people can be. I was reading Lucy Irigaray and felt in love with her writing, her thoughts. I am in love with an Idea… (The winter has been lovely this year, every morning looks like an interlude of colors).


But this week was a though one. There was the case of rape in Paraiba, Brazil, that made me sick to the bones. Women condition around the globe is very hard and sad. And I was just talking to my little sister and she was explaining to me that on her job her own boss is harassing her and she can’t do anything besides leave her job which of course she can not. Terrible.

We need to change the way we understand the concept of sexual difference so then things can change. 

And there is the homesick feelings that are stronger than ever lately. As I was looking the old pictures of my friends a bitter sweet feeling took place on me… because I miss a time and not a person or a specific moment. I miss all that was and I didn’t know.

I am becoming a good soccer player.



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