Polanski, psychoanalysis and gender.

When we are together it feels like I am about to jump. It feels like in suspension. It feels like there is nothing else around me, nothing. Interesting to see that he has so little or nothing at all to do with it. (long discussion about alterity).

There was  Garde Manger this past week and the restaurant is really special. Not so sure it was worth of my 180$ dollars, but it was good I must say. Not just the food, which was exceptional, but the decor, the music, the walls texture, it was like walking into another dimension, amazing experience.


So now that I’ve decided what I want, I need a bibliography and a plan.

And I need to make my luggage and get ready for Brazil.


Husband is having weird behavior. I wonder why. Jealousy does not bother me much, but controlling makes me very upset. I wish people were able to verbalize more often what is it that makes them unhappy or uncomfortable. I don’t like when others assume that I have  a sixth sense, sorry to let you know that I don’t have super powers! And I don’t wish to have them. Talking is still the best way to make things clear.


Repulsion is the name of the movie I will be analyzing.